Advantages of Smart Lighting Systems

Many people still assume that smart lighting systems are little more than advanced dimmer switches. But these days, smart lighting can make a significant improvement to your home’s ambiance, convenience, bills, and security. The following are just some of the specific benefits our systems provide.

Become More Environmentally Friendly (and Lower your Bills)

One of the reasons we find it so difficult to keep our homes energy efficient is making sure the lights are switched off throughout the home when not in use. If you’re married with kids, managing a collection of rooms is not easy. Lighting systems, however, give you little excuse to remain environmentally unfriendly.

The added bonus of doing your bit to preserve the environment is that you’ll also lower your bills at the same time. Over the year, that can translate to hundreds of dollars. And we won’t say no to that.

Low Voltage Units

High-end lighting systems always run on low-voltage installations. This means they’re ideal for use in bathrooms and other places where old-school switches just wouldn’t work. In terms of convenience, you can’t beat it.

Programmable Settings

Smart lighting systems mean that dimming your lights according to requirements is quick and easy. For parties or gatherings, you can programme something a little more welcoming. And to ensure your body starts getting ready for bed right on cue, why not use a pre-programmed setting to dim the lights accordingly?

Keep Thieves at Bay

A great strategy to keep thieves away from your home is by switching on a light, giving the appearance that your home is occupied. However, the traditional timer is neither convincing nor practical. Using automated controls is 1) much easier and 2) equally more believable.

You can set up your home to have advanced lighting automation that mimics your usual movements. This means your lights turn on and off at exactly the right junctures, ensuring you can go off on holiday or a weekend away without worry.

Browse the Web

Modern lighting systems are more than just devices that can control brightness levels in a given room. Our modern units also give you the opportunity to browse the web – perfect for checking the weather, quickly browsing your emails before work, or simply having a look at the news.

Say Goodbye to Alarm Clocks

The alarm clock is perhaps the most irritating way to start your day. Being jolted awake while in a peaceful slumber is not exactly the welcome we’re looking for. Our systems can make your introduction to the rat race just a little bit easier by waking you in less intrusive manner.

The system can turn the lights up slowly, without that sudden turn from 0 to 100. Not only that, it can also control your blinds and music. You’ll never have a more soothing start to your day.

And that’s just the beginning. Advanced lighting systems can fit in with your current configuration to enhance your home experience. For further information on the range of benefits our system can offer your home, give us a call for a risk-free consultation.