Combat the boost in home burglaries in winter with a home security system

According to The Mirror, the number of burglaries in the UK goes up by a whopping 20% during the winter months. The long, dark nights are a major factor in this considerable spike in crime, though quiet streets, poor home security and a lack of lighting also contribute to the increased number of burglaries we see at this time of year.

Though burglaries may increase during the winter, there are several steps you can take to minimise the risk to your property. Easy and affordable, these practical measures will help to keep your home safe and secure till spring rolls around again.


One of the best ways to defend your home over winter is to light it up. If the lights are on in your property, opportunist burglars will assume there’s someone home and won’t try to break in.

For the best results, install a smart lighting system in your property and arrange for different lights to come on and off at different times of the night. Placing lights on a timer in this way will reinforce the impression there’s someone home, and will help to prevent burglaries when you’re away for an extended period of time.

Exterior Lights

As well as lighting your home on the inside, you should think about lighting it on the outside. A lot of burglars use the long, dark winter evenings as cover to break into commercial and domestic properties and placing exterior lights around your home or office premises will help to remove this cover. Use lights fitted with sensors if you want to deter burglars and keep your energy costs to a minimum.


If someone does manage to break into your home, you want to know about it as soon as possible. This makes alarms an essential part of any home security set up. What’s more, with smart alarms now able to notify you of a break in as well as call the police and make plenty of noise for the neighbours, your property will be protected from all angles.

Keep valuables out of sight

Last but not least, one of the simplest steps you can take in the battle against burglars is keeping your valuables out of sight. Make sure your laptops, tablet computers, smartphones, wallets and other important items are out of sight of any windows. This will help to prevent opportunists from spotting your valuables and making a quick grab for your personal belongings.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of a home security system, or to discuss installing a system of your own, contact a member of our expert team today.