Create Cosy Christmas Nights with Warm Lighting

Few things say Christmas as clearly as twinkling lights. Whether they’re decorating a tree, adorning the front porch of your home or dotted around your living room, warm lamps, spotlights and string lights can transform the look and feel of your property and give you that festive feeling you’ve been looking for.

Not only will a Christmas lighting makeover make the cold winter nights cosier and more welcoming, they’ll also help to set the scene for your festive drinks, family meals and even Christmas dinner itself. If you’re currently giving your home a festive facelift, here’s how you can use warm lighting to complete your seasonal look.

String lights

A classic festive lighting look, string lights are incredibly versatile and can be used around the home to bring a touch of seasonal style to your property. Hang string lights on your tree, wrap a set around a piece of driftwood or ornamental sticks or place some string lights in a bowl or a large glass jar to create your very own festive lamp.

By using warm white string lights instead of traditional bright white lights, you can ensure your living space looks cosy no matter how many sets you use. The welcoming colour that these string lights emit will help to give your property a seasonal touch and brighten up your living room whatever the weather.


If you want to create a cosy look that can last well beyond the festive period, lamps are the way to go. In the run up to Christmas warm white lamps will add to the festive feel of your space. Place lamps on your sideboards, book shelves and even on your floor to light up your dark corners and bring your living space to life. Once Christmas is over, your well-placed lamps will take on a whole new aesthetic, driving the January blues away and keeping your home bright and welcoming until spring rolls around again.

Dimmer lights

Dimmer lights are a great option for homeowners looking for an instant solution to their festive lighting needs. If you have dimmer switches installed, you can simply adjust the level of light in your living space, turning it down when you want a cosy, Christmassy look and turning the lights back up when you have guests round or when you need a little more light for opening presents.

If you’re looking for ways to transform your home with warm winter lighting, take a look around our site today for inspiration.