Happy Halloween Spooky spotlights

As every horror fan knows, the key to creating a terrifyingly spooky atmosphere is lighting. The tone, level and quality of light can transform the way a viewer feels. It can make an everyday scene look scary and a spooky setting look truly petrifying.

If you’re planning a Halloween party this October, putting a little extra thought into your interior and exterior lighting design could help you to create the perfect eerie atmosphere for the event. Just a few small touches could see your guests shaking in their shoes and your party go down in history.

Turn it down

The first step in setting a spooky scene for your Halloween party is turning down the lights. If you have dimmer switches, this should be easy. Simply turn your main lights down low, leaving enough of a glimmer for your guests to navigate by. If you don’t have dimmer switches on your main ceiling and wall lights, you’ll have to carefully calculate which to turn off and which to leave on.

Accentuate your exterior

The outside can be a scary place on Halloween, especially if the wind is howling or the full moon shining. You can emphasise this unnerving quality by using spotlights to pick out features in your exterior. Hang skeletons, ghosts, ghouls and other apparitions from the trees and fences in your garden. Place spotlights around the area to pick out these bloodcurdling decorations and give your guests a scare.

If you really want to spook your friends and family, you could place a few motion sensors around the garden, connect them to the lights and have different decorations illuminated as they walk through the space.

Add some colour

Using coloured bulbs in your spotlights can help you to create an even more vibrant and atmospheric setting. Red is a great shade for Halloween as it’s reminiscent of blood and gore. Swap out a few of your normal white bulbs for red ones to transform your home into a scene fit for a horror movie. You could also place a few coloured lights outside in the garden and at your front door to help create the perfect Halloween mood.


Adding LEDs to your interior or exterior lighting design is a fantastic way to create more flexibility in your illumination. Thanks to their unique properties and impressive versatility, they can be placed almost anywhere, giving you the freedom to pick out the architectural and decorative details of your home and make your lighting design completely unique.

Good lighting is essential for any type of party or social event. To find out more about creating the perfect ambience in your home, explore our site or contact a member of our team.