Home Cinema in Time for Summer!

Though a home cinema is a fantastic asset to a property throughout the year, there’s something especially enjoyable about sitting down to watch a great film on a balmy summer evening. Whether you’re enjoying a bit of ‘me’ time, spending a cosy night in with the family or you’ve invited friends and family round for a film night, a home cinema will help you to get the most out of your movie experience.

Setting up your home cinema for summer

With the evenings much longer during the summer months, it may be necessary to adjust your screen to avoid glare and ensure everyone can see the picture perfectly. If you want to make more of your summer cinema, and you’re lucky enough to have bi-fold doors, you can open up your living space, connect it with your garden and create a unique indoor/outdoor summer cinema experience.

String fairy lights up around the seating to help set the scene and make sure all the chairs are kitted out with cushions for maximum comfort. You may also need to add a few speakers to your sound system to ensure excellent quality audio reaches all the members of your audience.

The perfect summer movie night

If you’re planning on setting up an indoor/outdoor home cinema this summer, you might as well make the most of it by planning an entire night around your favourite movie. Ask friends and family to come over an hour or two before you want the film to start, fire up the BBQ and enjoy an al fresco meal on the warm summer evening. You could even get some popcorn going to get that authentic cinema smell and to give your guests something to nibble on during the movie.

Summer movie choices

To complete your summer film night, you need to find the perfect summer movie. Opt for something classic like Grease, The Lion King, The Goonies or The Princess Bride if you want to treat the family to an unforgettable movie experience. If you want to see something none of you have watched before, splash out on a Hollywood blockbuster or, alternatively, if you only have grownups and older children in your audience, you could opt for a foreign film and bring a little culture to your back garden.

If you’re yet to invest in a home cinema system, now is the perfect time to kit your home out with the latest screens, speakers and accessories. By getting your system in place for summer, you can enjoy fantastic cinema nights with all the family. Take a look around our site today to find out more about our extensive range of products.