Home Interior and Lighting Trends You’ll See in 2017

Though January 2017 has barely begun, trend spotters, interior designers and homeowners are already looking ahead to what the coming year will bring. The past twelve months have seen a number of new, striking trends appear in both home lighting and design, with people across the country updating their properties and giving their interiors a contemporary look.

If you’re planning on updating your property in 2017 and want to ensure you get your new interior look just right, check out our predictions for the most stylish and eye-catching trends you’ll see in the coming year.

Smart lighting systems

Smart lighting systems have been growing in popularity for some time now. As well as providing homeowners with an added layer of security, smart systems make it easier to tailor a property’s lighting to suit changing moods and requirements. What’s more, once installed smart lighting systems can make a home more energy efficient, something that’s going to become increasingly important in 2017.

Solar lights

Solar lights are continually becoming more efficient and more effective. We’re beginning to see more and more people use them to illuminate their gardens and property exteriors, with a wide range of styles and sizes available.


Though overhead lights might be lighter and brighter, increasing numbers of homeowners are shunning centrally placed bulbs and opting for a scattering of lamps instead. More atmospheric, more stylish and more welcoming, lamps can help you to create the interior lighting scheme you’ve always wanted.

Natural materials

Sustainability is going to be big in 2017, with smart lighting systems and solar lights all part of this environmentally friendly trend. We’re also likely to see a lot more natural materials being used in interior design, with terracotta floors, unvarnished wood furnishings and even cork wall coverings set to hit the UK’s homes in the coming year. Reclaimed and recycled materials are also likely to appear in many of the country’s households.

Block colours

Over the past few years intricate and graphic patterns have largely dominated interior design. In 2017 however, we’re expecting to see more block colours appear in home furnishings. These colours are likely to be bright and bold, contrasting with the softer tones of natural materials and helping you to add character and visual interest to your interior.

If you’re thinking about giving your home lighting a makeover in 2017, we can help, explore our site today to find out more