How Modern Movies are Made for a Big Screen

Though films have always been made with the silver screen in mind, in the past, when films reached our homes, they were generally supplied in formats that were only suitable for small domestic TV screens. For many years, this wasn’t a problem. Most people only had small sets in their living rooms and audiences weren’t used to seeing high quality images in their own homes.

Fast forward to the 21st century however, and viewers expect much more. The rise of high quality digital TV and HD DVDs has enabled audiences to enjoy top quality movies in their own homes. The cinema industry has responded to this increased demand by creating films packed full of colour and detail, allowing viewers to enjoy the quality of cinema without ever leaving the house.

Quality DVDs

If you’re old enough to remember Ghost Busters and Star Wars the first time round, you’ll know that the VHS videos we used to watch at home were grainy, patchy and wore out all too quickly. As a result, filmmakers didn’t have to worry too much about quality when shooting a movie. Many of the intricate details would be lost anyway, so films weren’t always made with the home viewer in mind.

Thanks to the advent of HD and Blu-Ray discs, viewers now have access to incredibly high quality video storage systems. Not only do these DVDs allow us to watch cinema quality images in our own homes, they also won’t wear out like VHS videos and so can be enjoyed over and over and over again.

Supersized TVs

Once we had access to high quality DVDs and HD digital TV, the demand for HD TV sets sky rocketed. Home audiences could now see every single detail in every frame of their favourite movies, with images so vivid and so crisp they seem to jump off of the screen.

With 4K and Ultra HD TVs now becoming more common, home cinema set ups are being taken to an entirely new level.

Great films

As filmmakers can now be confident that home viewers can see and appreciate the work they put into creating their movies, directors are packing them full of more detail, action and quality than ever before.

This is fantastic news for all home cinema buffs and means that, in the future, our viewing experience will continue to become more vibrant, more engaging and even more extraordinary.