LED Based Lighting Systems, Work Environments, and more.

In this world of smart phones and any number of apps that are downloaded on your phone, you can easily dim your lights by pressing an app icon on your phone. This is not what a lighting control system is. Using your phone is like using your TV remote control! A true lighting control system is not an app to be played with or taken lightly.

A lighting control system is very intricate. It is an intelligent based lighting control system that is networked between various input and output systems and a central computing device. In the past lighting control systems were used for outdoor lighting and commercial buildings. Today lighting control systems are used both indoors and outdoors by many homeowners and the numbers are growing.

People have found that lighting control systems provide just the right amount of light when and where it is needed. It is focused where it is needed and unused space is not lit which saves money. The lighting systems are becoming very popular as they are green friendly, save energy and easy to use.

Smart Lighting is the term being used for lighting control systems today, not App for a Smart Phone. Some electrical utility providers are offering special plans and rates if you have a lighting control system as they see the benefit of being “green” and reducing energy consumption. Wireless systems are gaining popularity and one of the many items new homeowners and people building their first home are looking for. The ability to control your light sources and create complex lighting scenes gives great ambiance to your home. Wireless control systems provide additional benefits in reduced installation costs and the opportunity for the home owner to place switches and sensors where they want.

Traditional lighting is now being replaced by LED based lighting systems which offer the consumer reductions in power consumption and the ability to use that money elsewhere in the home. Intelligent lighting systems can incorporate monitoring, control and communication between networks, unlike the app on your Smartphone which can just turn the lights on or off.

There are now many different markets influencing lighting controls such as the need for creating a sustainable work environment, enhancing personal comfort, need to go green along with keeping up with technology. In keeping up with technology intelligent lighting control has many cost saving strategies. The right light at the right place at the right time with just the right amount!