Light Up like a celebrity

Ever wondered how you too could turn your home into a celebrity looking crib? Well the answers easy… Get installed a personal home lighting system.

Even the darkest, gloomiest of rooms can be completely transformed with some home lighting techniques here’s just a few….
Kitchens – So you have a bog standard kitchen, nothing fancy just plain jane and does what it says on the tin… well installing some under cabinet spotlights and floor lights could completely transform and bog standard kitchen into a new modernised celebrity masterchef experience that you will love to spend time cooking in.

Bedroom – Well this is of course where the magic happens so why not opt for a little romance with some dimmer lights and maybe even some hot, sexy bedside lights that turn off with the clap of your hands… you know the kids you see in movies! But that’s not all you can even add some sexy spotlights into your bed and while your at it why not make them change colours for different moods. The possibilities are endless.

Living area – Now this is the room most people will see first so why not make it super special by adding things like mirror lights to add around the mirror on the wall or maybe even floor lights if hard wood flooring is already in place, you could even add lighting to your furniture or cushions to add effect to that special movie night. There is also mantelpiece lighting, frame lighting which is added to picture frames, wall lighting yes that’s right add some strip lighting into your wall to make your special feature wall literally light up!

Dining Room - So to entertain your dinner guests in your new celebrity inspired home tickle their tastebuds with some special unique dining table lights to sparkle while your guests sit down to eat and why not take it that step further with a chandelier that not only sparkles but changes colour or flashes whatever your taste is we can make it and will even throw in our own celebrity inspired advice with it.

So there you have it, tips and tricks to turn your standard home into a luxury modern, celebrity inspired crib just by adding a personal home lighting system.