Millennials Seeking Out Smart Homes

With smart home technology becoming more affordable and more affective over recent years, an increasing number of households are investing in smart home systems and bringing their properties into the 21st century.

Though smart home technology appeals to lots of people, Millennials are leading the way in the adoption of smart systems. Having grown up with the internet, smartphones and a connected world, this tech savvy generation is ready and waiting for anything the future can throw at it.

Increase in property values

With many Millennials struggling to get on to the property ladder due to staggering price increases and comparatively low wages, any who do manage to buy a home of their own will be keen to cash in and increase its value as much as possible.

According to recent research, smart home technology can increase a property’s value by as much as 7%, something that can be a huge advantage in a competitive and fast paced property market. As well as being a great way to gain more income from a property sale, it also shows that Millennials and other buyers are willing to pay extra for homes that come connected and ready for the future.

Millennials and technology

One of the main reasons that Millennials are driving the adoption of smart home technology is that they’ve already grown used to connected living. After having smartphones, tablet computers and the cloud at their fingertips for a few years now, 18-35 year olds are unwilling to go back a more analogue world.

The research from BNC Technology shows that 77% of Millennials looking to buy property want their new homes equipped with the technology they’ve grown accustomed to, making an investment in smart home systems a must for any sellers marketing their property to a young demographic.

Benefits of smart home technology

Smart home technology can make a property more comfortable, more affordable, more convenient and more secure. For example, smart lighting systems can help to reduce household energy bills by switching lights off in rooms that are not being used. They can also be adjusted to offer cosy and welcoming light levels and can be set to come on and off automatically when your property is empty, helping to prevent break ins by giving the impression your home is occupied.

With further innovation promised in the coming months and years, smart homes are set to become an ever more essential aspect of modern living. To find out more about smart lighting systems, have a look around our site today.