More Than Just Lights

If you’ve ever looked out over a city at night, walked past an illuminated monument or even decorated your home or garden with colourful fairy lights for an evening, you’ll know just how transformative lights can be. Able to pick out the details of a building and highlight its beauty, well placed spotlights, uplights and coloured lights can completely change the way a home, commercial space or even a whole city looks and feels.

As well as being beautiful, perfectly placed lighting is also very emotive. Changing the colour of the light can instantly alter the way a building looks, creating an entire visual experience and turning a piece of architecture into a piece of art.

The Eiffel Tower

A fantastic example of lighting being use to good affect, the Iconic Eiffel Tower is illuminated in a dazzling display every evening. Helping to make it visible across the Paris skyline, the lights turn the tower into a nocturnal focal point, creating an unforgettable night time cityscape in the process.

Christ the Redeemer

Located high on the Corcovado Mountain, overlooking the bright lights of Rio de Janeiro, the Christ the Redeemer statue is one of the most instantly recognisable in the world.

At night, this giant figure is illuminated from all angles, creating a truly magnificent sight and helping to give the figure an even more magical appearance. Lit up, this colossal figure looks like a guardian looking after the city and everything else below it.


When the sun sets, Manhattan is completely transformed. Lights come up across the city, with many of the most iconic skyscrapers illuminated using colourful spotlights and highlights.

Instantly recognisable, this nocturnal citycape evokes strong feelings in many people who witness it.

The Houses of Parliament

One of the most iconic sights in the whole of the UK, the Houses of Parliament come alive at night. Illuminated with soft yellow light, the architectural details of the buildings really shine through, giving tourists a fantastic photo opportunity and Brits something to be proud of.

When buildings and monuments are illuminated at night, it makes it easier to focus on their details, forget their imperfections and appreciate them for the beautiful creations they are. Used in the right way, lighting can have a similar affect in your home or office, allowing you to create stunning night time scenes and to completely transform the look and the feel of your property.