New Home Technology in 2014

2014 has proven to be a new beginning for home technology. Technicians are trying to make life easier and more comfortable not only in your workplace but in your home too. Technology for the home has seen its share of ups and down. At one time it was pricing itself right out of the homeowner’s budget.

Today it is hard to live without technology, smart phones, iPods, and computers to name just a few. Now there is a new and developing technology you can afford for your home. Smart Lighting is a new technology that will soon become a part of your daily life. It is easy to use and provides security, ambiance and more.

Smart Lighting is a technology package for your entire home, much like a home entertainment center. Technology has made great strides in providing home entertainment centers that are affordable and easy to use. Now that same technology is being applied to protecting, lighting and keeping your home comfortable and easy to manage.

Consumers want to save money and save the environment while enjoying the advancements in technology. Save on your electric bill by programming your home with smart lighting which will turn light off when no one is in a room. It can be programmed to open and close window shades to allow for natural light and heating thus saving money on utilities.

No one needs to know you are away or on vacation. Smart Lighting can be programmed to turn lights on and off following the pattern of your daily life. This technology can also be networked to your security system and more. Smart lighting uses a network like a hub to produce the scenarios and scenes that you have programmed into it. It is just like using one remote control for your entire entertainment center as opposed to a handful of remote controls.
And, it is just as simple to install as a complete home entertainment center. A technician that can set up a home entertainment center can set up the Smart Lighting system. You provide what you want to use if for and it can be programmed into one control unit. Life becomes simpler and less stressful.

This technology provides one central hub that networks your lights, security, and ambiance, heating and cooling of your rooms. No forgotten lights left on sending utility bills skyrocketing. No one knows if you are at home or gone.
Smart lighting offers ease of use, protection, smaller utility bills, comfort, is friendly to the environment and one more very personal benefit! Sleep! Most people today find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. Scientific studies have shown that our ever busy, stressful lives have caused bad habits which affect our sleep.

This technology can be beneficial for those suffering from sleep disorders. Our body produces a chemical called Melatonin that is released prior to sleep. Melatonin will not be released in light! Ditch the bright lights, the television, the readers and laptops. Melatonin doesn’t like light and if not released you will have a difficult time falling asleep. It has been suggested that if you ditch the electronics and have your lights dimmed several hours before bed you will fall to sleep faster and stay asleep. Smart Lighting technology is just what the doctor ordered. You may be tempted to read one more page or watch one more program. However, your pre programmed system will dim the lights several hours before bed and can be programmed to keep dimming them into darkness at your preset bedtime. It will shut off the computer, television and lights as you drift into a secure and refreshing sleep.