Safest places to live in the UK

Though crime rates in England and Wales are at their lowest since 1981, having fallen by 7% in 2014 alone, crime still remains an important issue for Brits in most parts of the country. Knowing which areas of the UK are the safest and which the most dangerous can help if you want to avoid becoming a victim of crime, or want to ensure your home is prepared in case of an attempted intrusion.

1. Mid Wales

The safest part of the country is Dyfed-Powys in Mid Wales. In 2014 only three in every hundred people in the area were victims of crime, with just one person in every hundred the victim of a violent crime.

Residents of Powys were also the least likely in the whole of the UK to have their homes burgled, with people living in West Yorkshire and Humberside four times more likely to experience a break in.

2. Surrey

Though it borders the Metropolitan Police area, the most dangerous in the UK, Surrey is still one of the safest parts of the country. Fewer than four people per hundred were victims of crime in 2014, with all types of offences uncommon in the Home County.

3. North Yorkshire

The third safest area in the UK, North Yorkshire rates especially low for burglaries with just 0.4 break ins per hundred residents. Considering that West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire are both in the top five burglary hotspots in the UK, North Yorkshire’s record is particularly impressive.

4. Devon and Cornwall

Popular with holidaymakers, retirees and families, Devon and Cornwall are perfect for anyone looking for a quiet, safe and secure place to relocate to. Low burglary rates and few violent crimes help these picturesque counties come in at number four on safest places to live in the UK.

5. Wiltshire

Last but not least is Wiltshire. With just a fraction more crime than Devon and Cornwall, this southern county is among the safest in the UK. The crime rate is just above 4 per 100, making it very unlikely you’ll experience any sort of crime if you’re a Wiltshire resident.

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