Ten Great Ways To Have A Realistic Home Cinema

For years the best place to see a movie was the theatre. However, with the advent of high definition and the fact that home theaters are more affordable you can create your own home cinema. Home cinemas have tended to be expensive in the past however no longer do you have to break the bank to have that cinema like lighting along with your popcorn.

Ambient lighting is the best choice for your home theater. You do not want hanging light fixtures or suspended fixtures that may cause a glare on your screen. Here are ten tips that will help transform your home theater into the magical feeling of being in a theater.

1. Comfort

You want to be comfortable in your home theater. You will need to pick out furniture that fits your wants and needs. You may be able to get away inexpensively or a little more pricey depending on your tastes.

2. Screen Choice

Certainly you are thinking 60 inch flat screen however a projector and screen combination with proper lighting is the best choice. Lighting in your projector needs to have a bright bulb and 1080p support for high resolution video in order to provide vibrant images. The key here is to work with lighting and the fact that you need to keep the room dark in order to preserve the picture quality.

3. Sound

Surround sound systems come in a number of forms from a complete package to picking the individual items yourself.

4. Light Interference

If outside light interferes with your projected image you have a problem. Block out backed curtains will darken the room.

5. Paint Colour

In order to prevent light being reflected from the walls you will need to paint the room in a flat neutral color. Remember light that is reflected is the brightest.

6. Darkness

Your theater needs to be dark, now comes the issue, you still need to be able to see. Consider installing your own controlled lighting to add style to the room to prevent accidents occurring in the dark. LED rope lighting is an awesome way to illuminate the floor and stairs. You could also install lights under the seats if you don’t want to hassle with a long strand of LED rope lights.

7. Optional Lighting

You must at least entertain the idea that this room will not always be used in the dark. You will probably want to install some overhead recessed lighting. If you really want that classical theater look you can purchase fancy wall sconces. A real WOW factor upon entering your home theater.

8. Dimming Lights

Make sure that all of your light fixtures can be dimmed, preferably by remote control.

9. Easy to clean

You must not forget that your home theater will need cleaning and be used for other activities so you must make sure you are capable of fully illuminating the room when necessary.

10. Bias Lighting

Sympathetic illumination placed behind the screen can improve contrast performance of a display and reduce eyestrain. This is called bias lighting. Technically bias lighting works the best with LED.

These ten tips should give you the best lighting design element to compliment your home cinema experience. Don’t forget the POPCORN!