The latest on the future of home security

There is plenty of excellent technology available to protect your home and family on the market right now – from smart lighting options to home CCTV and burglar alarms that provide updates on your phone. But as technology evolves and develops, what does the future hold for keeping your home safe?


As drone technology improves exponentially, imagine a time when you can utilise drones to patrol your property and ward off intruders. They will even be able to feed your pets. These automated security guards will be like aerial equivalents of those automated vacuum cleaners that roam your home looking for dirt. Except these drone versions will be looking after security. It may seem like something from a sci-fi movie, but they are not far away from being market ready. Imagine having your own home defence robot.

Virtual home assistants

These toys are already on the market in the form of the Echo, Alexa and Homepod. And they divide opinion as to their usefulness. However, future modifications could make them indispensable for your home security. These new features include CCTV options, which you will be able to view remotely, as well as movement sensors to detect any unwanted guests.

Smart locks

No more carrying keys, the locks of the future will be able to recognise who’s attempting to enter the home and open or remain closed accordingly. Because they won’t need a keyhole, they will also be a lot more secure and offer added protection against break ins. Smart doorbells will also be fitted with facial recognition technology, informing you who is at the door. They may even be able to detect known or suspected criminals and alert the relevant authorities.

Trigger technology

You will be able to use your smart phone to set up and trigger all forms of home security, including intruder alarms, lighting, motion sensors and more. You can use multiple cameras to photograph anything that moves in or around your home. Lights can be turned on or off remotely, with timers adjusted from anywhere in the world.

Motion sensors

As motion sensor technology improves, it will be able to distinguish between people and other moving objects, such as pets, avoiding any false alarms. This will vastly improve home burglar alarm technology.

A combination of all the above, plus other innovations, will make the homes of the future almost 100% burglar proof. Even today, the technology in place can hugely improve your home security and keep you, your family and your belongings safe and secure. You can tailor your home lighting and alarm solutions to meet your needs, with remote control technology available on your smart phone. The roadmap for home security is in place – we can simply expect the development and refining of technology to make this slicker and more accurate with time. It’s great news for homeowners and leaves countless would-be burglars and home intruders without any alternative but to give up.