Using Lighting to Create the Right Mood

Lighting has come a long way since the humble light bulb was first invented. Nowadays, there are various lighting options to choose from for your home. Bulbs can be used not only to light up a room, but to help create a certain mood or ambiance.

Set the Scene

The lighting used in different rooms can have a big effect on your mood. That is why it’s important to choose the right lighting depending on the result you are hoping to achieve. Whether it be getting the most out of each room’s function, or simply getting the mood right for a specific occasion, lighting can go a long way to accomplish this.

Getting the Light Levels Right

Different levels of lighting will produce different effects, so this will play a big role for the mood you are setting. If you are hoping to have a productive day and get plenty of work done at home, then you should make sure you are using higher levels of light. This will not only help you to become more alert, but also more active.

Higher levels of lighting are also associated with a happy and cheerful atmosphere. On the other hand, low levels of lighting will help to achieve a more relaxing atmosphere, allowing you to achieve a feeling of intimacy.

Colored Lighting

Colored lighting can also be used when creating certain atmospheres. You should choose your colors carefully as certain colors are more flattering than others. You can create a sense of warmth by choosing redder hues, including amber, pink and orange. If you are after a cooler atmosphere, then you should opt for blue, green and violet hues. These may not be as flattering on your complexion, so should be used wisely.

Lighting for Different Occasions

As lighting can have such a big impact on your mood, you can use it to your advantage when trying to create a certain atmosphere for different occasions. If you are planning on celebrating a special occasion, then you might want to create a joyous and celebrating mood through the use of bright lights. If you are planning a quiet night in with a romantic dinner, then you might want to use warmer and lower levels of light to create a warm atmosphere which is also more flattering on your face and form.

Creating a Mood with the Flick of a Switch

With the advances made in home lighting systems, you can now create the right mood with the simple flick of a switch. By programming your lighting to reflect the mood you are trying to create, you can come home after a long day at work to a warmly lit room that will get you feeling relaxed in no time.

Lighting no longer needs to be used merely for practical purposes, but can help to transform your whole mood. You can now get the most out of the functions each of your rooms are meant to provide, from productivity in your home office, to a fun and relaxing atmosphere in your dining room.