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Safest places to live in the UK

Though crime rates in England and Wales are at their lowest since 1981, having fallen by 7% in 2014 alone, crime still remains an important issue for Brits in most parts of the country. Knowing which areas of the UK are the safest and which the most dangerous can help if you want to avoid becoming a victim of crime, or want to ensure your home is prepared in case of an attempted intrusion.

Millennials Seeking Out Smart Homes

With smart home technology becoming more affordable and more affective over recent years, an increasing number of households are investing in smart home systems and bringing their properties into the 21st century.

Take Watching TV to the Next Level

With TV becoming ever more stylish, cinematic and complex, having a home entertainment system that does your favourite shows justice is more important than ever. If you’re still making do with a bulky old TV set, poor sound quality and dull colours, now’s the perfect time to upgrade your viewing experience and bring your home cinema system into the 21st century.

5 Handy and Hi-tech things your Home Lighting Systems can do

Once upon a time, all your lights could do was turn on and off at the flick of a switch. Though that may have been enough for our parents’ and grandparents’ generations, these days, we demand more from our household features. Thankfully, the lighting world has taken notice and, due to customer demand and industry innovation, your home lighting system can now do a whole lot more than simply illuminate your home.

Advantages of Smart Lighting Systems

Many people still assume that smart lighting systems are little more than advanced dimmer switches. But these days, smart lighting can make a significant improvement to your home’s ambiance, convenience, bills, and security. The following are just some of the specific benefits our systems provide.

Simple Ways to Improve Your Home's Security

There are many steps you can take to making your home more secure. Although some of them are well known and pretty straight forward, such as locking your doors, there are other ways you can help to protect your family and belongings. Making the effort to protect your home will help you and your family to feel safe in the comfort of your home.

Using Lighting to Create the Right Mood

Lighting has come a long way since the humble light bulb was first invented. Nowadays, there are various lighting options to choose from for your home. Bulbs can be used not only to light up a room, but to help create a certain mood or ambiance.

A One Touch home brings security for the entire family

As age approaches, so do some of the struggles with cognitive abilities that are as simple as repetitive procedures in our home of many years. A new approach in home design using the Smart Lighting System enhances the aging process and allows your mind to focus on things other than daily routines.

New Home Technology in 2014

2014 has proven to be a new beginning for home technology. Technicians are trying to make life easier and more comfortable not only in your workplace but in your home too. Technology for the home has seen its share of ups and down. At one time it was pricing itself right out of the homeowner’s budget.

Transform Your Home With Lighting

One of the most overlooked elements in transforming or redecorating your home is lighting. Most people do not realise the potential light brings in transforming your home. You can have the best thought out furniture placement plan and if you ignore lighting it will not give you that WOW factor you were looking for and expecting. Without good lighting your transformation will be lost.

Ten Great Ways To Have A Realistic Home Cinema

For years the best place to see a movie was the theatre. However, with the advent of high definition and the fact that home theaters are more affordable you can create your own home cinema. Home cinemas have tended to be expensive in the past however no longer do you have to break the bank to have that cinema like lighting along with your popcorn.

Predicting Lighting Trends for 2016

Lighting is one of the most important interior design elements of any home. The position, style, size and quality of your lights will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your space, with good lighting helping to make your home even more stylish and welcoming.

Home Lighting Explained

With today’s home lighting automation It now gives home owners the ability to control all aspects of lighting and mechanical systems within the home either for security purposes or just to make life a little more simpler.

Advanced Home Lighting in 2015

As the close of 2015 draws near and we start to embark on a new year of technology wonders, new celebrities, bigger and more expensive homes. The new era of home lighting also gets bigger and better. With faster, smoother technology home lighting has been talked about as the next home “must haves” among many.

Light Up like a celebrity

Ever wondered how you too could turn your home into a celebrity looking crib? Well the answers easy… Get installed a personal home lighting system.

Mood Lighting

Mood lights are mixtures of LED lights that reflect onto ceilings and walls creating bright colours. These mixtures of light systems reflect on moods and yes, with a touch of a button can change the “mood” too. They can also improve the style of any room creating whatever changes you wish.

Home Lighting Safe and Efficient

There are a variety of designs for lighting systems, and specifically made easy to control the home with the use of just one button.

Lighting Design to Compliment Interior

One of the simplest things you can do to change and update the look of your home is through lighting. Lighting is inexpensive in comparison to redoing your entire home with new paint and décor. After all the hard work you may find you have not achieved the design or feel you were looking to achieve. Lighting is an essential part of home décor and may be something you overlooked.

LED Based Lighting Systems, Work Environments, and more.

In this world of smart phones and any number of apps that are downloaded on your phone, you can easily dim your lights by pressing an app icon on your phone. This is not what a lighting control system is. Using your phone is like using your TV remote control! A true lighting control system is not an app to be played with or taken lightly.

Personal Lighting and Automation

Home lighting systems are the “in” thing to have. Being able to create your own cinema lighting, security lighting, work appropriate lighting, mood lighting and anything else you can think of with regard to lighting is now right at your fingertips. Well, almost! Home lighting systems are the best.

How Modern Movies are Made for a Big Screen

Though films have always been made with the silver screen in mind, in the past, when films reached our homes, they were generally supplied in formats that were only suitable for small domestic TV screens. For many years, this wasn’t a problem. Most people only had small sets in their living rooms and audiences weren’t used to seeing high quality images in their own homes.

Why Sport Looks So much Better on A Home Cinema

With the European Football Championships, Wimbledon, the Tour de France and the Rio Olympics all vying for your attention, 2016 is shaping up to be one of the best sporting summers in years. If you can’t make it to France, Brazil or London to support your favourite stars in person, the next best way to watch these sporting events is on TV.

Managing Light Intensity to Improve Your Sleep

For those of us in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the rat race, it’s important to be efficient with our time. That includes ensuring a good night’s rest every single night. We don’t have to be the ones to break the news that getting decent sleep can lead to markedly improved health – research has shown a reduction in the risk of developing chronic diseases, improved cognitive function and memory, as well as weight loss as some of the many benefits.

More Than Just Lights

If you’ve ever looked out over a city at night, walked past an illuminated monument or even decorated your home or garden with colourful fairy lights for an evening, you’ll know just how transformative lights can be. Able to pick out the details of a building and highlight its beauty, well placed spotlights, uplights and coloured lights can completely change the way a home, commercial space or even a whole city looks and feels.

The Future is Here With Touch Screen Controls

Once upon a time, touch screen lighting controls were just for the rich and famous. Found only in high end hotels and celebrities’ houses, touch screen controls were more associated with sci-fi films than real life. Luckily for house proud homeowners everywhere, touch screen controls have now come down dramatically in price, making integrated systems an affordable and practical option for everyone.

Cut Your Household Energy Bills With A Home Lighting System

Energy bills are one of the biggest monthly expenses for most people in the UK. On average, households are paying around £105 a month, or £1,264 a year, for their dual fuel bill. Prices are rising incredibly quickly, up from just £565 a year in 2004.

The Rise of CCTV For the Home

Though burglary rates are falling steadily across the UK, crime is still a serious issue in many parts of the country. Around 31% of burglaries take place during the day when the home in unoccupied, though the hour between midnight and 1am is still the most common time for burglars to strike.

Protecting Your Home Whilst Away on Holiday

If you’re like most Brits, there are probably few things you like more than a week or two in the sun. For many of us, holidays are the highlight of the year. However, leaving the house for a few weeks, or even a few days, isn’t always easy. Fears over security can leave you worrying even when you’re on the beach or by the pool, especially if you’ve previously suffered a break in.

Spring Lighting Trends – From Industrial to Outdoor

Every year when spring rolls around, homeowners up and down the country start thinking about cleaning, renovating and updating their décor. As a result, we always see an increase in the number of people looking for home lighting solutions in the spring months. If you’re one of the thousands of Brits currently planning on sprucing up your home and giving your lighting scheme a makeover, here are a few ideas for getting your home illumination just right.

How to Reduce Glare for a Better Viewing Experience

Whether you’re watching a film, looking something up on your smartphone or working on your computer, glare can be incredibly annoying. Preventing you from being able to see what’s on the screen, glare is inconvenient and irritating. Luckily, if you want to be able to enjoy your home cinema system, work on your computer or browse the web uninhibited, there are some steps you can take to minimise glare. Keep reading to find out more.

Home Interior and Lighting Trends You’ll See in 2017

Though January 2017 has barely begun, trend spotters, interior designers and homeowners are already looking ahead to what the coming year will bring. The past twelve months have seen a number of new, striking trends appear in both home lighting and design, with people across the country updating their properties and giving their interiors a contemporary look.

Combat the boost in home burglaries in winter with a home security system

According to The Mirror, the number of burglaries in the UK goes up by a whopping 20% during the winter months. The long, dark nights are a major factor in this considerable spike in crime, though quiet streets, poor home security and a lack of lighting also contribute to the increased number of burglaries we see at this time of year.

Create Cosy Christmas Nights with Warm Lighting

Few things say Christmas as clearly as twinkling lights. Whether they’re decorating a tree, adorning the front porch of your home or dotted around your living room, warm lamps, spotlights and string lights can transform the look and feel of your property and give you that festive feeling you’ve been looking for.

5 Ways To Secure Your Home

Though the number of burglaries in the UK has been steadily falling for a number of years now, security is still a major concern for homeowners across the country. Having your home broken into is a traumatic experience and most of us would rather invest in security measures than take a chance on being targeted.

Autumn Nights Need Mood Lighting and Movies

One of the few good things about the nights drawing in and the weather becoming colder is that there’s more time to watch movies. These long autumn evenings offer the ideal conditions for cosy nights in, with darkness, cold weather and comfy sofas tempting millions of us to stay in and enjoy a great film.

Is Your Area Plagued By Poor Wi-Fi Signal? We can help!

In this day and age, the last thing you expect is to lose signal as you move around your home. Not only is bad Wi-Fi irritating, with our phones, tablets, laptops, iPods and even our appliances now connected to the web, having a poor signal in your home is more inconvenient than ever.

Secretly Excited and Fascinated by Hotel Lighting? Then Have it in Your Home

No matter how luxurious the bed, how spectacular the view or how colossal the bathroom, the first thing that many of us do when we enter a hotel room is play around with the lights. Whether they’re touch screen, movement controlled or triggered by sound, the complexity and variety of lighting available in hotel rooms can keep many of us busy for hours.

The latest on the future of home security

There is plenty of excellent technology available to protect your home and family on the market right now – from smart lighting options to home CCTV and burglar alarms that provide updates on your phone. But as technology evolves and develops, what does the future hold for keeping your home safe?

Smart home systems have a positive impact on the value of your home

The 2018 World Cup is fast approaching, with national sides making their final preparations ahead of this summer’s tournament. We now know the groups after December’s draw. England have been put together with Belgium, Tunisia and Panama in Group G.

3 things you didn’t know about CCTV

Domestic CCTV is incredibly popular throughout the UK and a large number of households have already installed the technology in order to keep their properties safe. However, as CCTV is an investment, many homeowners put it off, making their homes vulnerable to opportunist thieves in the meantime. If you’re considering investing in a CCTV system for your own home, here are three things you didn’t know about the technology to help you make up your mind.

Couldn’t be bothered with bonfire night? Mood lighting ideas

Although public firework displays and bonfires can be fun, home events are often a lot less stressful and a lot more enjoyable. As well as allowing you to skip the crowds, organising a bonfire and firework display at home gives you the chance to fuel up on your own catering, socialise with friends and family and enjoy a cosy night in.

Happy Halloween – Spooky spotlights

As every horror fan knows, the key to creating a terrifyingly spooky atmosphere is lighting. The tone, level and quality of light can transform the way a viewer feels. It can make an everyday scene look scary and a spooky setting look truly petrifying.

A look at awesome lighting trends for autumn

Although it’s always a little sad when summer fades away, the beginning of a new season does bring a number of benefits. For us, the most important is the chance to look at new lighting design trends and to create innovative and exciting lighting schemes for homes around the country. To ensure your new interior lighting design is just right, take a look at our pick of the very best trends for autumn 2017.

The benefits of using a lighting design service

As any interior designer will tell you, lighting has a huge impact on the look and feel of a property. Lighting can transform a space from a cold clinical area into a warm, welcoming and cosy home. It can create the perfect mood for a party or provide your family with the ideal setting for a festive feast.

Where lighting lies in your renovation plans

Though lighting can have a huge impact on the finished look and feel of a home or extension, more often than not it’s overlooked in the initial stages of planning. Builders, architects and homeowners tend to focus on big design features like windows, doors and built in furnishings, forgetting that lighting is the key element that will unite the design and bring it all together.

How to Use Lighting In the Kitchen

Lighting is one of the most important elements of kitchen design. If you’re building a brand new kitchen or giving your existing interior a makeover, taking a little extra time to plan your lighting scheme will help your transformation to be even more successful. So whether you’re planning on using spotlights, uplights, LEDs or any other form of lighting in your kitchen, here’s how to make the most of your interior illumination.

Home Cinema in Time for Summer!

Though a home cinema is a fantastic asset to a property throughout the year, there’s something especially enjoyable about sitting down to watch a great film on a balmy summer evening. Whether you’re enjoying a bit of ‘me’ time, spending a cosy night in with the family or you’ve invited friends and family round for a film night, a home cinema will help you to get the most out of your movie experience.