At Home Lighting Systems we understand the importance of installing CCTV cameras around your home. Your property and the contents inside it are what you have worked so hard for, so to have an intruder try to take them is something all home owners wish to avoid. By fitting CCTV around your home you lessen the chances of your home being the next in line to be broken into.

CCTV in homes is used for protecting a home’s general security and peace of mind for the home owner. The CCTV cameras provided by Home lighting Systems can be viewed from TV’s around your home or remotely over the internet from a PC, Tablet or Phone via your home network.

At Home Lighting Systems we install full colour CCTV cameras which have 24/7 coverage by using infra-red, high motion sensitive technology along with time and date recording.

When there is a knock at your door you are able to view who it is before opening it via the TV network or alternatively log into your home network via your smartphone, PC or tablet.

Benefits of CCTV monitoring in homes

The benefits of choosing to protect your home with CCTV monitoring are huge and here are just a few of them:

  • Prevents Crime against your home or business
  • See who knocks on your door before deciding whether or not to open it.
  • Remotely monitor your CCTV from anywhere via a tablet or smartphone.
  • 24 hour protection
  • Peace of mind

Closed Circuit Television technology (CCTV) has evolved over the years and having once only been used for businesses it has now become rather a necessity for many home owners who are becoming increasingly more security conscious and choosing to install CCTV around their homes. CCTV can be used on a small scale with a single camera or more complex with cameras dotted around every inch of your home. Whatever it is you need Home lighting Systems can help.

More and more people have enjoyed the benefits and peace of mind of extra security in their homes thanks to Home Lighting Systems and our CCTV products have already prevented many crimes from taking place and assisted greatly in convicting perpetrators guilty of committing a crime.