TV/Data/Phone Network

  • Sky, Digital, CCTV & DVD on every TV;
  • HD at main viewing points and pre-wire throughout, as standard;
  • Home Broadband network improving speed and reliability;
  • Internet/Skype TV connections;
  • Phone and network points in any room;
  • Easily install additional phones;
  • Future proofing for your home.


Our TV/Data/Phone Network is key in the integration of all other systems. It supports features such as:

  • CCTV – can be viewed on any TV on the TV Network. Remote Access to the camera network is via the Data Network.
  • Audio System – uses Data Network connections to access music on home computers and online.
  • Alarm Dialler – uses Phone Network to alert users.
  • Home Cinema – Online resources are accessed via the Data Network.