Smart Lighting UK - picture of a smart lighting control unit being installed

How Smart Lighting can benefit your new home

The main reason we have windows in our homes is to provide light. One of the first steps your architect will have taken would have involved looking at the elevation and positioning of the building to ensure it maximised the benefits of natural light. We have all seen grand designs with large glass frontage, this can have a huge and dynamic impact on the interior of the home depending on the natural light each day…but what happens when the sun goes down? With our Smart Lighting System dusk doesn’t mean your home has to lose any of the dynamic aesthetics that are provided by natural light. With our Home Lighting System, you can have buttons that provide an ‘evening’ scene, a ‘party’ scene or an ‘eco’ scene. These are just a few examples of scenes which can be created by the user through our user friendly touchscreen control panels. Unlike conventional lighting, these scenes are not limited to the room you are in, you can set the ‘party’ scene to control lighting throughout the whole house with 1 button press. The combination of lighting circuits and levels that can be tailored with 1 button press are virtually limitless.

How we work

Initially we sit down with potential clients and go through their plans. We will talk about any ideas they may have for the interior design of the home and how a Smart Lighting System can be of benefit. We will discuss various switch locations as well as locations for the support system peripherals, such as TV’s, phone points and computer locations. During this process we will draw up a proposal for a system which will provide the basis for your quote. Alternatively we can use our experience to quote directly from your plans but we always recommend discussing your options first. As every system is bespoke, it is important that the system reflects the client needs.