Our Switches

  • Our switches come in a variety of colours and formats, all have a high quality glass finish;
  • Dynamic Labelling Technology as well as LED indicators make these switches very user friendly;
  • Circuits can be grouped together in ‘scenes’ to easily create a lighting effect in an area with multiple circuits or to control multiple circuits throughout the home eg ‘Evening scene’;
  • Any single circuit or scene can be switched/dimmed/timed off by any button on the network;
  • Slider displays for each button indicate light levels;
  • Switches can by programmed via the Touchscreen;
  • Any switch can operate blinds, electric windows or gate control systems.

Touchscreen Lighting Switches


Our most popular switch offers individually programmable buttons. This allows simple control of ‘scenes’ as well as individual circuits, so you are only ever a button press away from ideal lighting. Scenes created on the Touchscreen can be accessed from these switches.

Our Saturn switches are also available in 4 button format and a range of colours. All our switches have built in LEDs in the buttons to help identify which circuits are being used as well as helping you find the switch in the dark.


Saturn DLT

These versatile switches offer a programmable display as well as all the functions of our other switches. These switches are often used in locations where there are multiple areas to be controlled eg Porch/Hall/External.


 Our Touchscreens

  • Gives you control of every circuit in the house. Here you can create ‘scenes’ and save them to switches;
  • Manages the simulated occupancy of the home by mimicking your routine when you are away;
  • Allows you to see which lights are on and at what level;
  • Gives you easy access to other systems such as heat recovery and blind control;
  • Gates can be closed and powered down from here;
  • The Touchscreens can be personalised with your own photographs and even supports web browsing.