Lighting Design at an early stage

Whether for you are self-building or renovating, it is important not to overlook the importance of lighting when it comes to interior design and layout. A good quality lighting design plan will bring together ambient lighting, feature lighting and decorative lighting without sacrificing the functional lighting of the home. Combine an elegant design with the flexibility of our Home Lighting System and your home will benefit from a comfortable and luxurious feel that can be tailored to any mood at the touch of a button.

When self-building or renovating your own home you are in an ideal position to design the interior, and therefore the lighting of your home, just as you want it. We can help design a lighting plan that incorporates the right number and type of lighting circuits where you need them, and in such a way that you can control them how and when you want. Our Home Lighting System gives you the ability to light your home depending on how it is being used.

Why lighting design?

Traditionally, we have been used to one pendent hanging from the centre of the ceiling, unfortunately this is probably the worst place for a light source as most of the time we require the lighting around the edge of the room. This means occupants are often casting their own shadow over what they want see, or alternatively suffer glare.

There are a number of factors that need to be decided to ensure your home is free from harsh or inadequate lighting. These include identifying where and why an area needs light, the intensity of the light required and the distribution of the light sources to ensure the aesthetics of the home are not compromised, but instead added to. Efficiency is also a major factor when lighting a home, our lighting control system ensures that you have the capability to reduce your environmental impact while at the same time reduce running costs.