3 things you didnít know about CCTV

Domestic CCTV is incredibly popular throughout the UK and a large number of households have already installed the technology in order to keep their properties safe. However, as CCTV is an investment, many homeowners put it off, making their homes vulnerable to opportunist thieves in the meantime. If you’re considering investing in a CCTV system for your own home, here are three things you didn’t know about the technology to help you make up your mind.

CCTV Cameras help to prevent crime

A lot of people install CCTV systems in order to ensure thieves will be caught if they attempt to break into a property. However not everyone realises that CCTV can actually help to prevent crime too. Homes where CCTV has been installed prominently around the property are much less likely to be targeted by opportunist thieves.

For best protection, talk to an experienced CCTV provider to find out which areas of your building are most vulnerable to break ins. CCTV engineers should be able to design systems that cover all of your windows, doors and other potential entry points, helping to keep your home safe and secure.

CCTV can be interactive

Although once upon a time a CCTV system was simply a camera hooked up to a recorder, these days they can do a lot more. If your CCTV system is connected to the web, you’ll be able to log into your cameras remotely and check on your home wherever you are in the world. If you include a microphone in your CCTV setup, you’ll even be able to speak out loud to your property. These interactive systems allow you to keep an eye on your home when you’re away on holiday and spook any thieves who do try to break in into an early exit.

CCTV can save you money

Some people are put off of installing a CCTV system because of the cost. However CCTV is now cheaper than you might think. Domestic CCTV systems are very affordable, putting them well within reach of millions of households across the UK.

Even better news for budget conscious homeowners is that installing CCTV can actually save you money. A lot of home insurance companies will offer reduced premiums for properties that are protected by CCTV, saving you a lot of cash in the long run.

To find out more about the different CCTV systems available, or to arrange for a quote for a system of your own, explore our site or get in touch with one of the expert members of our team today.