Here are just a few ways a Home Lighting System can work for you …

Home Lighting Examples

Lighting circuits can be grouped together to form ‘scenes’ so 1 button press can light different circuits to varying levels creating the perfect environment in your home.

Have different lighting scenes for different scenarios – party scene, movie scene, dining scene, evening scene, etc.

No more intrusive alarm clocks, our system can open your blinds and gently wake you by fading up lights and music in the bedroom.

When you’re leaving the house, simply by setting the alarm your internal lights will gently fade to ‘off’, your blinds will close and your external lights will provide a safe path outside.

When going on holiday our system can open and close blinds while you away to give the impression of occupancy to any passersby.

Deter would be thieves by having different schedules running so that when you are away, there are different lights coming on every day.

Our system can calculate sunset and sunrise for its location, so it only turns on security lights when its dark.

Energy Saving… When you go to bed, one button can turn off the whole house so you aren’t wasting energy or money.

Turn off the kids lights from your room! Alternatively, have their lights switch off gently over an hour to help ease them to sleep.

A midnight snack is easy… One button on your bedside switch will light a low level pathway to the kitchen – no need to strain your eyes anymore.

Hear something outside in the middle of the night and want to turn on the outside lights from the bedroom? No problem. 1 button beside the bed can switch on all your external lighting.

Open and close garage doors or gates from any switch.