Home Automation is where technology and convenience are combined to form a network made up of individual devices which all work together in harmony. This networked system provides you with instant control over other individual devices and appliances throughout your home.

You choose how a device should react, when it should react, and why it should react. You can set the schedule and the rest is automated and based off of your personal preferences. This provides convenience, control, money saving, and an overall smarter home.

At Home Lighting Systems based in Yorkshire, we focus on the lighting side of the home automation process.

  • Convenience: Control and automate your home lighting whether you are on location or far away in an entirely different country. Home automation works efficiently for you saving money on your utilities and providing an overall convenience.
  • Safety and Security: Always on guard and at the ready, through home automation, Integrated Alarm Systems provide secure, safeguarding of your home. This includes Multi-Zoned sensors allowing you to independently monitor different areas of your home, to automatic activation / deactivation when home is empty.
  • Fun and Enjoyable: Home automation lighting gets you involved and allows you to set your own preferences and tone of lighting. Set your personal preferences and actions, then sit back and enjoy using the latest in home automation technology.

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