A look at awesome lighting trends for autumn

Although it’s always a little sad when summer fades away, the beginning of a new season does bring a number of benefits. For us, the most important is the chance to look at new lighting design trends and to create innovative and exciting lighting schemes for homes around the country. To ensure your new interior lighting design is just right, take a look at our pick of the very best trends for autumn 2017.

Textiles and textures

With designers and homeowners always on the lookout for ways to make their lighting features stand out, it was only a matter of time before lighting manufacturers began playing around with the textures and materials of their products. This autumn, it’s likely we’ll see more and more lighting fixtures made out of woven materials like wicker, textiles and metallic wire. Adding an interesting interior design feature to your home and transforming the quality of light in your interior, these textured fittings could be the perfect new feature for your property.

Make a statement

Statement lighting features are the must have lighting trend for 2017. Placed over a dining table, in a hallway or in the living room, statement pieces can have a real impact on the look and feel of a space. Make sure your statement pendant light goes perfectly with your existing interior décor for best results.

Quirky lighting

With a little bit of ingenuity and innovation, almost anything can be turned into a lighting feature. From an old TV to used beer bottles and folded cardboard to cheese graters, pretty much anything around the house can be used as a quirky lighting feature.

Installing a quirky lighting fixture in your property can be a great way to stamp your personality on your interior design. Talk to a trusted lighting specialist to find out how to create your chosen piece.

Keeping it copper

Copper has been a strong lighting trend for a few months now and the metal’s popularity shows no signs of waning. The perfect warm tone for a crisp autumn day, copper is a great way to warm your home up this winter. As well as copper lampshades and pendant lamps, we’re also seeing more geometric copper lighting features made out of copper wire.


Environmentally friendly, cheap and versatile, LEDs have a lot to offer. A fantastic choice if you want to embed lighting into walls, alcoves or other surfaces, or if you want to illuminate specific features around your home, LEDs can help you to create a unique and intuitive lighting design.

If you’re considering changing the lighting in your home and want some expert advice on making the most of the space, get in touch with a member of our team or explore our site today.