A One Touch home brings security for the entire family

As age approaches, so do some of the struggles with cognitive abilities that are as simple as repetitive procedures in our home of many years. . A new approach in home design using the Smart Lighting System enhances the aging process and allows your mind to focus on things other than daily routines. For that matter, it is a benefit and creative idea for all families and homes.

Homes can be built with Smart Lighting in mind and existing homes can add it to their home as easily as adding a home entertainment center that works by using one main control for everything. This system allows all of your security systems, lighting needs and more to be preprogrammed into one main network or hub, providing you with a one touch home.

A one touch system screen or a remote can be configured for your specific home needs. Security systems, lighting systems, lighting scenarios or themes for parties and romance, vacation and sleep are all preprogrammed to your specific needs and wants. Anyone who is technical enough to install a home entertainment center is able to set up a Smart Home Lighting System.

The Smart Home Lighting system works on the same principal as an entertainment center. A hub is the center where everything is networked and programmed. Choose what you want to be automatically occurring without another thought given to the program. A screen allows options to put the system on vacation, daily mode, nighttime mode, security, party ambiance and even dim the lights as bedtime is approaching. All your security needs and security lighting needs are preprogrammed and come on at the times they were programmed for.

Our bodies produce a chemical called Melatonin that is naturally released in the dark to provide sleep. Smart Home Lighting can be programmed so your lights begin dimming hours before bedtime, thus inducing the release of melatonin. A quiet, tranquil environment provided by light that helps a body sleep natural; a real plus for the elderly and those with sleep disorders.

Never having to think, are the lights off, the security system on, has grandma forgotten to turn out the lights, lock the door; one more stress that technology helps alleviate. The entire family, as a whole, benefits from smart lighting.

Convenient and cost efficient Smart Lighting provides additional benefits. It can be programmed to detect movement or non movement in certain areas of a home. This ensures that many elderly that live alone can do so without the fear of falling and not being able to call someone. The motion detectors will detect the lack of movement in pre-programmed areas thus providing security for the entire family.

There is also a new concept to be used, explored and enjoyed with Smart Lighting, FUN. Have a party and provide the ambience with your lighting. Scary Halloween lighting used with your entertainment centers supply of weird sounds and music make a party a blast. Providing romantic lighting and ambiance is another part of smart lighting available to you. Setting the scene, whether it is for safety, fun, sleep or romance, Smart Light is a great new technology for every home.