Autumn Nights Need Mood Lighting and Movies

One of the few good things about the nights drawing in and the weather becoming colder is that there’s more time to watch movies. These long autumn evenings offer the ideal conditions for cosy nights in, with darkness, cold weather and comfy sofas tempting millions of us to stay in and enjoy a great film.

Though getting together with friends and family for a movie night is a great way to spend an evening, there are ways to make the experience even more enjoyable. A bit of investment in your décor and your home entertainment system can transform your living room, giving you a home cinema to be proud of.


The lighting in your living room will set the mood for your movie night. Too bright and you won’t be able to immerse yourself in the film, too dark and you could well fall asleep before the credits roll.

Get the balance right by using dimmer switches, spotlights and lamps to create a warm, welcoming glow. Avoid using bright, white light as this will make your interior feel less cosy and could create reflections on your TV screen.


The quality of the audio will have a big impact on your enjoyment of the movie. Rich, round sound will help you to get lost in the film and take in all of the detail in the dialogue and the music. If the sound isn’t up to scratch, you’ll have to work harder to listen to the movie and won’t be able to let go and become immersed in the film.

To ensure your audio is up to scratch, it’s worth investing in a high quality system this autumn. Opt for speakers that deliver a full, detailed sound to get the most out of your movie nights. Choose a system that’s compatible with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and you’ll be able to play radio, podcasts and music through your speakers when you’re not watching films.


Last but in no way least, you need to ensure your picture quality is as good as possible. There is a great choice of screens on the market these days, with HD and Ultra HD models offering viewers unbeatable quality and detail. Though it won’t be the cheapest part of your home cinema system, a good quality screen will make a huge difference to your viewing experience so it’s well worth splashing out on the best screen you can afford.

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