Couldn’t be bothered with bonfire night? Mood lighting ideas

Although public firework displays and bonfires can be fun, home events are often a lot less stressful and a lot more enjoyable. As well as allowing you to skip the crowds, organising a bonfire and firework display at home gives you the chance to fuel up on your own catering, socialise with friends and family and enjoy a cosy night in. If you’re wondering whether not to let next year’s bonfire night go by without a bang by hosting at home, here are a few ideas for how you can get your mood lighting just right.


If you’re trying to create a convivial and cosy atmosphere in your home, lanterns are a great way to do it. Instead of buying potentially dangerous candlelit lanterns, opt for lights that are powered by LEDs or standard bulbs. Make sure the bulbs are a warm white or yellow colour so that the lanterns add a welcoming glow to your home.

String lights

Good quality string lights can be used to add character and charm to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Hang the lights around mirrors, alcoves and furnishings inside or trees and bushes outside. Invest in durable and hardwearing lights and you’ll be able to use them again when Christmas rolls around. Alternatively, you could opt to have LED string lights permanently installed as part of your lighting design and illuminate them whenever you want to enhance the look of your living space.

Dimmer switches

If you have dimmer switches to control the main lights in your home, creating a warm, welcoming and cosy atmosphere this bonfire night should be easy. Turn your bright lights down low so that your lanterns and string lights can really sparkle. Leave pools of light in important places like the kitchen, hallway and stairs to ensure your guests can find their way around your home without a hitch. Replace any bright white bulbs with softer tones to give your home that warm firelight glow.

Outdoor lighting

As a lot of the festivities on bonfire night take place outside, it’s important to put just as much time and thought into your outdoor lighting as your indoor illumination. If you have outdoor lanterns and string lights, you can place them around the garden to create pools of light in different areas. Remember to avoid placing any lights close to your bonfire or fireworks display area as they could easily be damaged by the heat and the explosions. If you have a pathway leading up to your front door or out into your garden, place solar lights or lanterns along either side of it to create an atmospheric approach to get your friends in the mood.

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