Cut Your Household Energy Bills With A Home Lighting System

Energy bills are one of the biggest monthly expenses for most people in the UK. On average, households are paying around £105 a month, or £1,264 a year, for their dual fuel bill. Prices are rising incredibly quickly, up from just £565 a year in 2004.

This big increase in cost is putting a strain on many households across the country. Heating and lighting the home, especially in the winter months, can seem unaffordable and many people worry about the ever increasing expense and how high prices will rise in the future.

One way to cut your dual fuel bill and sae energy is to invest in a home lighting system. Efficient and effective, a high tech lighting system could help you save serious money every month.

Turning lights off

Though we all know switching off lights saves energy, it can be all too easy to forget to flick the switch when you leave a room. And sometimes, when you’re nice and comfy on the sofa, getting up to turn the light off can seem like just too much effort.

This is where a home lighting system can really help. Though your system’s exact capabilities will depend on the product you’ve chosen, most home lighting systems will allow you to control your lights from the comfort of your own sofa, making it easy to save energy without moving a muscle.

What’s more, you can also set your system up to turn off lights in the rooms you’re not using. This can be done either via sensors or timers and can help you to slash your monthly energy bills by a significant amount.

Dimming lights

As well as switching lights off, you can also save money and energy by dimming the lights in the room you’re in. If you set up a home lighting system, you’ll be able to carefully control the light level in your home.

Turning the lights down just a little can actually have a big impact on your energy bills, helping your bulbs suck up less power and reducing your electricity consumption.

Upgrading your light bulbs

If you haven’t done it already, installing a home lighting system is also a good excuse to upgrade all of your light bulbs to energy efficient alternatives.

Energy saving bulbs have come on leaps and bounds in the last few years and these days you can find a range of colours and tones in energy efficient versions.

Installing a home lighting system in your property won’t just make your house a more enjoyable place to be, it will also make it more efficient, more affordable and more environmentally friendly.

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