How to Reduce Glare for a Better Viewing Experience

Whether you’re watching a film, looking something up on your smartphone or working on your computer, glare can be incredibly annoying. Preventing you from being able to see what’s on the screen, glare is inconvenient and irritating. Luckily, if you want to be able to enjoy your home cinema system, work on your computer or browse the web uninhibited, there are some steps you can take to minimise glare. Keep reading to find out more.

What is glare?

In order for us to be able to see an object, a certain amount of light has to fall on it. This light is reflected by the surface, allowing us to see the object’s shape. However, if too much light falls on the surface of the object, the contrast between it and the surrounding area can become too high and it can result in glare. If the surface of the object is shiny, the effects of glare can be even more pronounced.

Change the light

Generally, glare is caused by light from either the sun or a lamp hitting your screen and bouncing off straight into your eye. One of the easiest ways to stop this from happening is to rearrange the space. Try moving your lamps around until you find a spot where the light doesn’t hit the screen. If the problem light in question is coming from a window, invest in some translucent blinds that will diffuse the light as it comes into the room.

Move the screen

If rearranging the light sources in the space isn’t an option, you’ll need to move the screen instead. Generally, the shinier the surface is, the more prone it is to glare, this makes TV screens and computer screens common sources of glare in the home.

If you’re suffering from continual glare in your home or workplace, try angling your screen away from the light source causing the issue. Even a small adjustment can help to prevent glare, so try tilting, swivelling and twisting your screen till you get its angle just right. Alternatively, you could try moving the screen to another, shadier part of the room and solve the problem for good.

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