Mood Lighting

Mood lights are mixtures of LED lights that reflect onto ceilings and walls creating bright colours. These mixtures of light systems reflect on moods and yes, with a touch of a button can change the “mood” too. They can also improve the style of any room creating whatever changes you wish.

Mood lighting has now become very popular at weddings and other events transforming dull rooms into bright and attractive layouts. Marquees can be transformed with LED up- lights and bring the whole space to life creating rich and vibrant colours or calm romantic shades. Once again depending on the “mood”. For any of these venues Mood Lighting can also be combined with sound effects. A very effective and modern technology and appeals to any age.

Although lighting has been effective in film studios for decades, we are now introduced to an array of amazing effects bringing unusual lighting into the home and creating a world of paradise.

Lighting consumes a vast part of energy, but LED pars are the best environmental friendly in the lighting method. They only use 10% of power, much more efficient than a standard bulb or fluorescent lamps and 70% less on halogen lamps.

Although when looking for the greatest possible way of applying the correct light for areas of the home, percentages are irrelevant.

We know that lighting comes in different styles and used for a variety of functions. Therefore it is important that we can provide direct light and avoid the visual glare. This is why “mood lighting” is an art in itself.

These light can be individually controlled, giving either one predominant colour or several colours throughout a room. When primary colours such as green, blue and red are mixed together they can create hundreds of various colours and can be chosen to match any venue. They have an extensive range of controls that can provide any speed of lighting and even the aptitude of freezing effects.

Creations are never ending. As long as you have the imagination.

One of them most popular places for the use of “mood lighting” are therapy treatment rooms. What an ambience this creates with a contemporary light composing a perfect setting in a peaceful world. Wherever you are, at home or just visiting, at a venue or just relaxing, they can set the mood.

One of the best solutions of lighting is peace of mind when away from home. Activate the electronic control and give the impression that the house is occupied.

We can now determine that mood lighting offers whatever you wish to create. Providing subtle to vibrant colours adding a touch of drama to a romantic tranquil atmosphere in any room of the home or venue, and all that with just one touch of a button.

You can enjoy your transformed home and enjoy all the “mood lighting” which has created this wonderful appealing feature throughout. It is all up to you, decide on colours, be adventurous and enhance your life.