Predicting Lighting Trends for 2016

Lighting is one of the most important interior design elements of any home. The position, style, size and quality of your lights will have a huge impact on the look and feel of your space, with good lighting helping to make your home even more stylish and welcoming.

Like all aspects of interior design, lighting goes through fads, trends and changes. Though some of these will disappear in the flick of a switch, others are  longer lasting and can have a big influence on design and interior aesthetics in general.

The last year has seen a huge amount of innovation in the lighting industry and 2016 looks to be no different. To help you ensure your home’s illumination is bang on trend, here are our predictions for the biggest and best lighting trends of the coming year.

Smarter lighting

With uber geek Mark Zuckerberg announcing that his New Year’s resolution was to devise and create an intelligent digital butler, it’s only a matter of time before households around the world are demanding smarter home solutions.

This is sure to extend to lighting with remotely controlled and intelligent systems set to become increasingly popular over the coming months. Not only will this help home-owners to get the most out of their lighting set up, it could also help to cut energy bills by switching off lights in rooms that are not in use.


As Lucy Denyer, columnist for the Telegraph says, “Last year was all about copper”. From furnishings to kitchen appliances, the metal was springing up in stylish homes across the country.

This year, we’re seeing copper go more mainstream and lots of people are incorporating it into their interiors using copper coloured light fittings. Warm and welcoming, copper is a fantastic material for those who want an industrial look without the cold edge.


From flat pack furniture to murder mysteries, the Scandinavians are taking over our lives bit by bit.

As Linda Swarbrick, Managing Director of Scandi Living says, the “neutral colour palette is the trademark of Scandinavian interiors”, and this is something that can work brilliantly in lighting. Simple, elegant and understated, look out for Scandinavian inspired lights in properties near you.

Overall, we’re seeing a move away from elaborate lights and highly decorated fittings. In their place will appear more refined, sculptural and elegant pieces that are sure to add style and substance to homes throughout the UK.

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