Protecting Your Home Whilst Away on Holiday

If you’re like most Brits, there are probably few things you like more than a week or two in the sun. For many of us, holidays are the highlight of the year. However, leaving the house for a few weeks, or even a few days, isn’t always easy. Fears over security can leave you worrying even when you’re on the beach or by the pool, especially if you’ve previously suffered a break in.

To ensure you’re not preoccupied with thoughts of home when you should be having fun in the sun, take a look at out top tips for protecting your property whilst you’re on holiday.

Smart lighting systems

A lot of the time homes are targeted when owners are away because they look empty. Burglars will often watch a property for a few hours or even a few days to see if anyone is home. If the lights stay off and the curtains drawn, they’ll probably assume the house is vacant and take the opportunity to break in.

If you install a smart lighting system in your property however, you can place the lights on a timer so different bulbs come on at different times of the day. Some systems can even mimic your regular routine, making the set up even more convincing. This will make it look like there’s someone in the house every evening and should put most burglars off attempting a break in.


As well as being a very effective deterrent, installing CCTV gives you a better chance of finding the culprit in the event your home is broken into. If you install a modern CCTV system, you’ll be able to monitor the cameras from anywhere via your tablet or smartphone. So if you’re worried about your property, you can simply log in and see how it’s doing for yourself.

CCTV systems are very flexible and range from single camera set ups to more complicated multi camera networks. Once your system is installed, it’s very easy to manage and is guaranteed to give you peace of mind no matter where you are in the world.

Integrated alarms

If something does happen while you’re away, you need to know about it as quickly as possible. Installing an integrated alarm in your home will ensure you’re the first to be informed if your property is broken into. As well as notifying you via your smartphone, your integrated alarm can contact the emergency services, ensuring there’s someone on the scene as quickly as possible.

Investing in home security before you jet off on holiday will help you to enjoy your break to the full. To find out more about the different options available, take a look around our site or contact a member of our team today.