Spring Lighting Trends – From Industrial to Outdoor

Every year when spring rolls around, homeowners up and down the country start thinking about cleaning, renovating and updating their décor. As a result, we always see an increase in the number of people looking for home lighting solutions in the spring months. If you’re one of the thousands of Brits currently planning on sprucing up your home and giving your lighting scheme a makeover, here are a few ideas for getting your home illumination just right.


We’ve been seeing an increasingly industrial aesthetic creep into lighting design for the past few years and this spring the trend is set to really take off. Industrial-style table lamps, ceilings lights and standing lamps are appearing in homes and offices across the country. Metal lampshades are quickly replacing fabric and we’re seeing far few embellishments in the designs of lights and fittings.


Warm, welcoming and stylish, copper makes a fantastic addition to home interiors. Cage-style lampshades have become increasingly popular in the last year or so, while a lot of Edison bulbs use copper fixtures and tones to create a warm feel and attractive look. Use a copper pendent light in your dining room or kitchen to add a stylish flourish to the space and create an eye-catching focal point.

Outdoor lighting

Spring is also traditionally the time that homeowners starting looking forward to the warmer weather that’s on its way. A lot of people use the long spring days to work on their gardens, preparing them for the social events and warm evenings of the summer. Installing outdoor lighting in your garden is a great way to make the space more practical and more attractive. We’re seeing a lot of outdoor solar lights and LEDs installed in gardens and public spaces. String lights in particular are becoming more and more popular, though a lot of people are also using spotlights to highlight paths, benches, trees and other features in their gardens.

Spot lighting

As well as being used in the garden, spotlights are increasingly popular in the home. People are using carefully crafted lighting designs to enhance their interiors. Spotlights and LEDs are being integrated into furnishings and architectural features to illuminate specific parts of the home highlight furnishings, walkways and other elements of the property. A very effective way to transform the night time look of your home, spotlights allow you to play with the space and really make it your own.

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