Transform Your Home With Lighting

One of the most overlooked elements in transforming or redecorating your home is lighting. Most people do not realise the potential light brings in transforming your home. You can have the best thought out furniture placement plan and if you ignore lighting it will not give you that WOW factor you were looking for and expecting. Without good lighting your transformation will be lost.

Getting lighting right throughout your home is essential to your transformation. You have spent endless hours picking out the most sumptuous furniture, the most luxurious flooring yet you are still lacking something. Lighting! Lighting is what will send your home and style from ordinary to extraordinary.

The very first thing you must understand if there is a difference between natural and artificial lighting. Artificial light provides a huge spectrum of hues and intensities. Technology today has made so many advancements in lighting that you are almost able to replicate natural light. Natural light changes with our location, time of day, weather and often is perceived as dull, gray and flat.

Lighting is what sets the tone for your home. Each room must be looked at differently. You will want lighting that is relevant to the functions of the room. You would not use the same lighting in your laundry room as in your main living space. The best lighting for a laundry room is light that is glare free and provides task lighting areas.

People in general; respond emotionally to the lighting in their environment. Therefore, the rule of good lighting should be to use the right type of lighting fitting or fixture in the proper positions. You need to question the function of every light fixture. Be careful not to just scatter lighting as it just illuminates the floor and visually closes your space.

The essential components of interior design including lighting is, light, shade and the reflections that occur. Shadows create variation, texture and atmosphere. You, in the interior design process, can control where you want to use reflection and where you want it concealed.

Your interior design plan should take into account the space involved. If you want to create an open space, you will want to use reflected light that bounces off the walls. Reflected light will make a small space appear larger as your eyes are always drawn to the brightest point,

Another consideration is the ability to control your lighting. Dimming a light sets different moods. You may have found that perfect piece of art that your entire interior design is created around. Don’t let it get lost! Remember the eye is always drawn to the lightest point so the use of a correctly recessed spot light will highlight your art and bring your focal point forward.

To maximize the lighting options available to compliment your interior design take advantage of the fact that a room is three dimensional. You can use recessed ceiling lighting, wall mounted lighting as well as recessed lighting in the floor to provide the best WOW factor for you newly transformed home.